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How to Get Rid of Cellulite, An Easy Fix!

Untitled design (2)In the past we were told that cellulite was caused by trapped toxins or excess fat storage, but now studies show that sitting is partly to blame. Think about how much sitting you do in a day. Six to eight hours is normal for most people. Our bodies are not meant to be still. The low back takes on the compression forces of the upper body, and tension develops in the deep stabilizing muscles and fascia.   When we stand up we are stiff. We become more susceptible to unexpected injury (like when your low back “goes out” when sneezing or bending to pick up a pencil).

Sudden chronic pain is what we call it in the MELT Method®.

The tissue just under the skin, the superficial fascia, is like a sponge in that when it’s hydrated it moves easily and cushions the joints in the body. When it’s been compressed or pulled for long periods  (ie. sitting) this tissue gets dehydrated and the fat cells within it multiply and fill in the spaces, creating the lumpy look we know as cellulite.

Drinking water is a great thing to do, as well as getting a good massage regularly. Getting up and moving or doing gentle stretches for a few minutes every half hour or so helps on many levels. But  adding in some MELT Method® self treatment does wonders.

MELT Method® works to break down and smooth out the pockets of cellulite. by creating more lubrication in the fascia.  Cellulite becomes unstuck and breaks down as the fascia becomes more movable.  The Melt Method is perfect to get the legs looking spectacular!! Plus you feel better inside and out. Everyone with stubborn cellulite would benefit from a simple technique for the back of the thighs we call “the compression sequence”.  It seems funny, compression to reverse the effects of compression!  It’s a simple move on the soft foam roller that manipulates the tissue and gets the fluid moving again. Read more in a great article on the MELT Method® main site.

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