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The MELT Method®: A Self-Treatment System to Reduce Chronic Pain and Lessen the Negative Effects of Aging

melt pic editedFour years ago a dance teacher suggested I investigate the MELT Method® on YouTube. I liked what I saw. It was a video called, “Ten Minute Low Back Pain Relief”. It’s no longer there. Sue Hitzmann, creator of The MELT Method, was doing interesting things on a specialized foam roller. With it under her hips, her knees to the sky, she put her hands on her knees and rocked her pelvis front and back, then put one foot down on the floor and hugged the other knee, then switched. She took the roller out and reassessed: her back was loose and relaxed.

I was intrigued.

I went to the website and decided to order the Hand and Foot Treatment Kit“. The kit is comprised a number of different little balls (each a slightly different size and firmness), all of them fitting in to the palm of your hand. You begin using the “large” soft ball under your feet.  The first few times we suggest using just the “large” soft ball to get your feet used to the pressure. When you feel ready for more intensity, we add in the large firm ball for a few sessions, then add in the small soft then the small firm balls.  You follow a simple routine, all created by Sue.  First, we start with position point pressing to bring fluid and mobility to the joints.  We then manipulate and condition the connective tissue with “shearing” and “rinsing” (hard to explain, you’ll have to come to my workshops 😉 all with the purpose of getting fluid moving through the whole body.   Connective tissue surrounds everything, every bone, joint, nerve, muscle, and organ, so when it’s hydrated everything has more cushion or glide-ability so it can function better, with ease, which means there is less compensation and less chance of injury.  MELT hydrates the connective tissue by manipulating it either like a sponge or an elastic. You know when you try to use a dry sponge and not much happens? What do you do? You put it under water and squeeze it repeatedly in different ways to get clean water in there and it becomes more effective. And when you create tension in an elastic, it’s a two directional tension, it dries out a bit as does the connective tissue, which has a nice fill effect when you release it. So with both techniques, compression and length, the tissue gets manipulated for a short amount of time, and the fluid gets to flow easier in a specific direction.
The hand and foot treatment kit is a simple tool to help make your hands and feet feel fantastic, especially after a long walk or painting the dining room. But it does even more than that, it affects the whole body in subtle way. For example I started standing taller, I started sleeping through the night, my skin looked better, my balance got better, and I had more confidence and patience.  The routine with the hands also includes decompressing the knuckles and gliding and shearing on the forearm, both great for helping with arthritis, carpal tunnel, and tennis elbow.  This is only one example however of a technique that has been developed to work on  every area of the body!  Don’t get me started on what we do with the MELT rollers! 😉

I quickly became devoted to the MELT Method because of the changes I saw in my own body and am now the most highly certified MELT practitioner in all of the GTA.

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