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What Will I Learn in My First Pilates Class?

What will i learn picThis is a question we get asked a lot actually.  My answer is always the same: don’t expect to get a really challenging workout in your first few sessions. If your asking yourself, “What if I have never done Pilates before?” Not to worry, your first class is all about learning the basics and how to set up and safely use your reformer.

The most important thing you will learn in your first Pilates class is how to breathe properly.  In Pilates we like to breathe in to the back of the ribcage.  We think of expanding the ribs three dimensionally and using the breath to stretch the ribs away from one another.  This allows the breath to go lower into the body, the diaphragm to release and also works to keep the tension out of the neck and shoulders.

This way of breathing also helps you to activate your core muscles more effectively.  There are four different layers of abdominals, the deepest of which is the Transversus (or the T.A as we may refer to it in class).  Its fibres run sideways around your mid section and when it contacts it acts like a corset of strength, pulling everything inward gently.  In your first class your will also learning how to breathe in while keeping your abdominals engaged at the same time.  This helps your T.A become involved in the process.  Very important.

You will then move on to the reformer.  A large, pretty fantastic piece of spring resistance equipment that you may or may not have heard about.  Don’t let it intimidate you!  You’ll love it I promise!  We take things step by step.  In your first  class you learn how to customize the machine to your height and leg length by adjusting what we call the “stopper” and “gear bar” in to a place that is right for you.  You will take the time to try the machine in a few different ways to get acquainted with it.  You may try some leg work lying on your back pushing off the foot bar. You may put the straps in your hands and work your arms!  Nothing to crazy but it will feel great.

Before you know it your hour will be over and you will be ready to learn more.

Make sure you visit our online schedule to see when our next GroundWork class (our intro class option) is being held and please join us!